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We also advertise for other businesses that are looking for customers. We find these leads from online advertising versus emailing a huge list. You'll notice the difference.



Phone Interviewed Leads      Phone Interviewed Leads video    

Our staff call people - customers/prospects who have filled out our online surveys. We ask,'Are you sure you want to hear from someone about making additional income?' If they say 'yes' we make sure that they have internet access, are 18 or over and we ask 'What's the best time to call you?'
You get all of this info about them.

Redirected Leads here or
Watch the video

These leads are sent to your website/video immediately after they ask for more information about your offer. We make an appt for you to talk to them. While they are 'hot', thinking about what you offer, they get a compelling reason to buy, join and follow through. We send the name, email and phone number to you immediately.What could be better?

Our US leads       US Leads video    

Our US leads are names, phone #’s, email addresses, ip #’s, date/time of sign-up & more, of people who have gone to one of our online sites and filled out a form asking to learn how to make extra income.We call all of them to make sure that the phone # is good (although we don’t talk to them).They have asked to hear from someone.. These prospects have asked for this info (usually) in the last 24 hours. They are waiting to hear from you. Many of our customers are earning large incomes by calling and signing these ‘leads’ up.

Order them now – and get started growing your business.

Custom Leads here or Watch Our Video

We call people and tell them about what you are doing you.. We qualify them for the amount of your investment.

We call people already interested in earning extra income online and we tell them about your business opportunity. They have filled out our form, have already been verified by our telemarketers, then called by us, been given your name and told about your product. They promise to view your video/site. We ask them if they can afford the cost of joining.We make an appointment with you - and send you the info as soon as we hang up. (whew!)

How much do you spend to get in front of interested prospects? We find that this makes a real strong lead.

Email/Autoresponder Leads - Affiliate lists

Building a list? Want to load leads into your autoresponder or campaign? Why is this important? We find the best chance you have - to get someone to join, or buy is when they are used to your emails.

Working lists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is exactly what the top affiliates do.

We can give you all the data/info - you want. Names, email addresses, gender, street, city, state, zip, etc.